Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Ursuline Gallery Of Writing Is Open!

The Ursuline Gallery of Writing is now open! Since today is the National Day on Writing, the National Council of Teachers of English have opened the associated writing galleries nationwide. The Ursuline gallery is located at http://galleryofwriting.org/galleries/156018. Please check out the work of the contributors: Amanda Flower, Susan Fox, Joe LaGuardia, Olivia Wilhelm, and Polly Wilkenfeld. All the galleries will be open until next summer. Happy National Day on Writing everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

APA Update Uproar

Those of you who use APA format likely already know that it, like MLA, has been recently updated. Unfortunately, the update for APA has already needed to be updated itself. This article from InsideHigherEd.Com explains the controversy well. Until things settle down, you might want to stick with the previous version of APA. It appears that's the approach the publisher of The St. Martin's Handbook (6th ed), which we currently use at Ursuline as our writing handbook, has chosen since there has been no announcement of updating it to include the revised APA, which is something that was done for MLA.