Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ursuline National Gallery Of Writing Is Still Open!

Apparently, last year's National Day on Writing event was so successful that the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) are holding it again. Unfortunately, this year's date (October 20th) falls over Ursuline's fall break, but we'll still be participating in it by keeping our Ursuline College Gallery of Writing open as part of NCTE's Gallery of Writing tie-in to the Day on Writing. The gallery was supposed to have been deleted over the summer, but apparently NCTE has decided to keep the galleries (all 2500 of them or so) open as part of this year's National Day on Writing. To celebrate, Ursuline colleague Joe LaGuardia has added a new contribution to the gallery. His contribution is a touching poem in honor of the memory of Ginny Marion, an Ursuline colleague who passed away recently. Joe's poem is our gallery's featured piece. If you are associated with Ursuline and would like to contribute a piece of your own writing to the gallery (it needn't be a poem; it could be any piece of writing associated with Ursuline, even a memo or course assignment), then please consider doing so. You can find the gallery at Please just send me an email at fwright AT when you do so as that will let me know as the curator to go and review your submission. Happy National Day on Writing!

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